>> RE-OPEN Safety Concerns <<

LIVE ONLINE: If you are unable to join us, or are uncomfortable doing so at this time, this service will be streamed live on FaceBook at the First Baptist Church Hastings page


Children’s time (children stay in their seats)

Fellowship / See People!



Offering box in the entry way

NO ☹

Communion, potluck, coffee or snacks

Sunday school or hanging out in the lounge

Mill-around greeting time

Congregational singing

Offering plates


1.     Please stay home if you have any even slight sickness or symptoms, or have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 within the last 2 weeks.

2.     If you are at-risk because of age, or health compromises, or work with at-risk people, it’s your call. DHHS recommends staying home.

3.     We’ll offer disinfectant and masks at the entrance.

4.     We’ll keep an attendance list, with phone numbers, for follow-up if there’s a problem.

5.     We are asking everyone to wear masks.

6.     Be careful to keep 6 feet between people, except those who are together during the week.

7.     One person at a time in the restrooms, and wash hands for 20 seconds after.

8.     We’ll pass out disinfectant wipes at the end to wipe down each pew area that is used.

9.     We’ll need two or three volunteers after service to wipe down restrooms, door handles, etc.

10.  We’ll dismiss one row at a time.