What We Believe

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1. We strongly emphasize the Lordship of Christ and encourage individuals to come to know Him directly and give their faith and lives to Him.

2. We respect the Bible so highly that we look to it for authoritative guidance in all matters spiritual and moral.

3. We emphasize the freedom of the individual conscience before God.

4. We commit ourselves to love and care for our neighbors and those in need, whether they are Christian or not.

5. We practice independence of the local church.

6. We defend the separation of church and state.

7. We seek cooperation with other American Baptist churches and agencies and with all others who work for the welfare of our community and world.

We are affiliated with American Baptist Churches USA and American Baptist Churches of Nebraska.

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Love Is Not the ability to prove everyone else wrong … What they failed to tell you is that being right is not the same as being good; being right is not the way, the truth, and the life. And being wrong cannot make Him leave you. I promise. He was never gone. So follow me, all prodigal daughters and sons. We are not the worst things we have ever done. We are not our doubts. We are loved ones … emilyjoypoetry